Safety Information

Safety First

Safety first is one of our core values at Idaho Power. Our culture of safety helps keep our employees safe, which also helps keep our service reliable and affordable. Our commitment to safety extends to you, our customers. That’s why we provide the following information on topics affecting your safety.

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Water Safety

If you’ll be in or near the water by our dams or reservoirs, there are things you should know to keep safe. Learn now before you go.
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Trees, Safety & Reliability

Trees and power lines don’t mix. Proper planning and care are necessary for everyone’s safety and continued reliability of your electric service.
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Overhead and Underground Power Lines

Look up and watch out for overhead power lines, especially if moving tall equipment such as irrigation pipes. Always assume these lines are energized and dangerous.

Call Dig Line to have underground utility lines marked (for free!) at least two days before doing any digging.










If You Encounter a Downed Power Line

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How We Keep the Grid Safe

Ever wonder what measures we take to ensure the safety of the power grid and how it might affect your com­munity? Watch our video to see just some of the ways we strive to keep the grid safe.
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Free Safety Presentations

We want all our customers to stay safe when using electricity. That’s why we offer safety presentations to classes, as well as adults and civic groups, on electricity and how to protect yourself and others.
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Our Commitment to Safe Driving

We are passionate about safe driving. From our employees to our customers, we can all keep our communities safer by being engaged drivers and having emergency car kits in place.
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