Electric Vehicles

Changing gas prices, advancements in battery technology, environmental concerns and federal incentives have increased interest in electric vehicles (EVs). As your electricity provider, Idaho Power is prepared for an increased use of EVs and wants to help you make the right vehicle decision for you.

EVs offer many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Fuel savings. EVs cost less than half to fuel compared to a gas-powered vehicle.
  • Low to no tailpipe emissions. EVs reduce air pollution and benefits the environment.
  • Less maintenance. EVs have fewer moving parts and fewer fluids (no more oil changes!).
  • Instant acceleration. Combined with a quiet ride, EVs are fun to drive.

Find out all you need to see if EVs are a good fit for your personal vehicle, from charging info to comparing vehicles to estimating savings.

EVs help our employees get around. We have numerous EVs in our company fleet, and we set a goal to have even more.

See how we partner with businesses to help achieve a cleaner energy future by electrifying their fleets.

More Information

Electric Vehicles

We’re encouraging EV owners to consider Idaho Power’s Time of Use pricing plan instead of the Standard plan. This option could save you money and, by charging during off-peak hours, you’ll help even out demand on the grid.

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